How to cleanse acne-prone skin

I found that most of my clients had incorrect or insufficient ways of cleansing the skin. First, a short explanation of what is in acne pores. Acne starts as a collection of gummed-together dead cells incorporated into a matrix of waxy sebum.  It produces a “microcomedo" - acne seed (“precursor lesions” of acne). If you have acne or acne-prone skin, pores of your skin are full of them.  So, your first, most important step is right cleansing skin. For acne-prone skin, using just a cleanser is insufficient.  You need a full cleansing procedure which will clean impurities, unclog pores and dissolve and remove layers of dead expired cell  without damaging skin natural protective barrier (acid mantle)  

How to get rid of red marks after breakouts?

When the acne has freshly healed, it leaves behind red marks that may become darker and deeper with time. These red spots are often stubborn and last for months. It is a clear indicator you have body inflammation. You need to take care of your diet and body detoxification.

Our solution for dark red spots

Acne online theories and solutions

There are so many theories about acne clearing and it is so difficult to find right solution. The reason is that acne is a multifactorial disease, which means it has many causes. You need to work on a wide front at the same time to clear acne - clear symptoms and heal causes.