Acne online theories and solutions

There are so many theories about acne clearing and it is so difficult to find right solution. The reason is that acne is a multifactorial disease, which means it has many causes. You need to work on a wide front at the same time to clear acne - clear symptoms and heal causes. 

And everything needs to be done in the right way with the right set of products for your condition. The main culprit for your acne is the hypersensitivity of your pores to the hormonal imbalance and the tendency of the skin to be easily inflamed. It is just simple like that. But there a lot of things which contribute to making your acne worse. We had hundreds of acne clients and build up huge experience in successfully treating acne in our clinic.  And sometimes, we still need to find the right solution through adjusting treatment plan during the clearing process. 


Most people try to find a solution online or in magazines with promising products or acne kit.  After your disappointment with your product choice(s) you are starting to search more about acne. And you will find thousands of opposite reviews for the same acne regime. Some people say Benzoyl peroxide is a great solution, others say it is just temporarily, while many claims that is irritating and doesn't help at all. The trick is that your skin is unique and you need to make the right choice depending on your skin condition. If not,  insufficient products can be a temporary solution and your long exploring journey with acne.  Sometimes you will get the wrong product or wrong combination products, sometimes products work and after a few months don't give the right results. Or just, you don't know how should you use a combination of products you have. Many things can prevent your clearing skin and stop your full commitment to an acne regime. Very often, with reason. 

For acne-prone women, even minor hormonal imbalances may show up on the skin as pimples. Anything that affects androgen production by either the adrenal glands or the ovaries can potentially affect acne-prone skin. For example, stress, which stimulates the adrenals, can increase androgen production and may lead to an acne flare. There are many such influences on androgen production, from natural hormonal events like period, to the activities of other endocrine glands such as the pituitary, which governs both the adrenals and the ovaries. The picture may be further complicated by hormones that come from outside your body. Going on the pill or stopping it, beginning or ending hormone replacement therapy, or taking certain dietary supplements can all affect the hormones that affect your skin. The presence of hormones or hormone-like substances in the environment and in foods may also influence androgen production in your body.

How we cure other diseases?  Every disease needs to fight on a wide front, not just taking pills. We need to stop causes with a healthy diet,  avoid stress and do more physical activities. Now compare that with acne and you will see why some people have success and others don't. You need to work on symptoms and causes together with the right treatment plan. Do you want to find a solution yourself? You need to try a lot of products and knowledge to get clear skin. Believe us. We heard hundreds of stories from our clients how long they tried to clear blemishes.

Acne requires your full attention. If you read what people say on forums how they solved acne problem you will notice that only ones who started serious and long-term solutions got success.  You need FULL PROGRAM to heal causes and symptoms together in SHORT PERIOD of time: facials, a healthy diet and Right set of products. On top of all that you need to stick with home regime religiously.
Skin thrives on variety performance of ingredients the same as our body needs healthy food.